Client #YAWI306
Reason for Need: Christmas
Gender: Male
Age: 12

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  • -white nike crew socks (men’s 9 shoe size)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -nirvana Tshirt (2xL)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -regular white crocs (men’s 9/10)
  • -neon football sign for bedroom (amazon)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -light up football & basketball (to play at night time)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -brian dawkins funko pop
  • -all philly sports teams mascots funko pops (phillies, flyers, eagles & 76ers)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -multipacks of lightening cables & cubes to charge phone/devices (love 10ft length)
  • -Flannel Pj pants (large/XL) wcu/ND/villanova
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -villanova Hoodie& Tshirt (2XL)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -football cards!!!!!! (in the boxes)
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -any philly sports baseball hats
    Claimed By Someone Else
  • -ethikas (staple XL)
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