Meet the Staff
  • Adina Rowan
    Founder & President - 4/1/2018

    Adina Rowan is the founder of You Are Worth It Foundation. It started when Adina volunteered in March of 2018 to hand out food to people in North Philadelphia this experience would forever alter her perspective, after a sleepless night she knew something had to he done. Haunted by the words of someone she spoke with who had lost hope and felt unloved. Adina felt an urgency to make sure people she came in contact with would know someone cared about them and that they were worth more then their current situation. Creating YAWI to inspire others to take an initiative and to end the stigma behind homelessness and addiction. YAWI has become so much more and we meet people where they are in life and do what we can to support their immediate needs.

  • Chris Brickhouse
    Website Developer - 7/1/2018

    Chris has worked with YAWI since 2018 doing Center City, Norristown, Phoenixville and Pottstown homeless and in-need outreach. He created and maintains the website.

  • Emily Lappas
    Team Lead - 1/1/2019

    Emily is a team lead who specializes in helping families with kids. Being a mom of 3 herself, she constantly looks for opportunities in the community to help serve the youth. With her help we have been able to work side by side with other foundations to make sure no child is really left behind! Currently going to school for hospitality management at Penn State, she enjoys volunteering and helping YAWI as much as she can.

  • Alice Piekarski
    Food Pantry Director - 11/12/2020

    Alice handles the day to day operations at the food pantry along with, the weekly meal plans and ordering.

  • Norma & JoAnn
    Clothing Pantry Directors - 6/30/2022

    Norma and JoAnn came to us after the tragic flood in MontClare and took our small clothing selection and turned it into a fully functioning Clothing Pantry. They have become pillars in our organization. If you are in need of clothing please stop in and see these ladies.

  • Autumn Werner
    Support Cordinator - 1/2/2023

    Autumn is a first-generation disabled senior at West Chester University, pursuing a bachelors degree in Psychology. Autumn works as a historian and archivist for the Pennhurst State School and Hospital historic site. As a disabled person and caregiver, advocating for and improving services for individuals with disabilities is her passion. In her free time Autumn enjoys spending time with her young sisters and doing fx makeup.


The You Are Worth It Foundation inspires hope to individuals living with adversity by treating each of those served with compassion, empathy and respect. We strive to instill dignity through each connection we make, be it through outreach events, donation drives and/or peer support. By servicing the specific needs of an individual or a community at large, the You Are Worth It Foundation acts as a pillar of support, motivating and inspiring others to build a bridge of understanding and connection across communities.


Community Outreach: Through this, we properly assess the specific needs of residents. We have built a system of support through our social media presence, that inspires other communities to contribute to whatever call of needs we may be looking for. We hope to continue to build our audience and reach through informative content, and accessible options to give back.

Currently operating a food pantry in Chester County. We are open every Tuesday 4:00 to 5:30pm. Inside the Spring City Regeneration Church!!

No Questions Asked! No Id Required!

We Also Offer a clothing pantry. Recycling clothing back into the community free of charge.

Community Support: We have initiated a movement, titled the “I am You and You could be Me” initiative. Any persons who has experienced something that is commonly misunderstood within society, has been invited to share their story, whether through video, or anonymous text. This movement has created a bridge of understanding across many issues that are not often discussed. Issues like: being in recovery, being in active addiction, overcoming the loss of a loved one, living with mental health issues.

Community Building: As we grow and evolve, we continue to network and build. We want to extend our arms to any resource program that we feel aligns with our moral code. We believe there is strength in numbers, and know that not every need will always be something we may be able to meet right away. By having our own network of support, we can have a family of support for those that we service.


  1. We work tirelessly if an individual we meet is looking for treatment for substance abuse. We connect within our own network and delegate support for that individual, so they are encouraged and receive positive reinforcement for the decision to seek help. We plan to continue this, and grow a network of support for those who are in special need of extra hope
  2. As we grow, we want to delegate different teams, to ensure we are well rounded. We plan to have a drug and alcohol stem; which is built on the foundation of spreading knowledge and resources of harm reduction and supportive services for both active users, those in recovery and families that are affected.We plan to have a localized school stem, that focuses on families in need of support to provide for their children throughout the school year. We also plan to partner with community organizations that help families during the holidays, through an “Adopt a Family” initiative for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. We also will work closely with local food pantries, delegating any of our extra food donations to centers that can utilize them. Operating food and clothing pantry as well as disaster relief.
  3. We don’t forget where we came from. As Spring-Ford and Phoenixville alumni, we hope to branch the You Are Worth It Foundation into the schools, specifically through organizing a club at the middle school and high school level. We notice that a large fraction of the people we serve today, lacked support at a fundamental age. By showing students the power of outreach and compassion, it encourages them to utilize those tools in life. We specifically hope to target students that fall within the margins, through a possible referral program.
We survive on your donations! Every dollar goes towards food for our food pantry!

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